Window Tinting

Window tints have become quite a fashion these days. Today, a large number of people use it as an essential window accessory. However, amidst so many amateur and inexperienced shops offering this window tint services, finding the right choice can be a daunting task. However, we are here to make your work easier.

Choose RBR Car Care for the best quality and professional window tint application. This tint filmis mainly a thin sheet of polyester that adheres to the glass windows. There are several types of window films such as residential window films, commercial window films, vehicle window films and decorative window films.We offer you all.

Window Tint Application:

We have a special cutting technology through which we cut the sheet in exact dimensions as required by your window size. We ensure you that our trained technicians will complete the application in a very neat and clean process. You will get the perfect tint installed in your home, in your office or on your vehicle. We use high-quality window tints which are highly durable.Our huge collection consists of high-grade products and has options to fit your needs. We ensure that our tints will not peel, crack, fade or delaminate. Every film of ours is backed by the lifetime guarantee offered by the manufacturers.

Window tint serves multiple benefits like:

  • Blocks the UVA and UVB radiations which are harmful to your skin and the interiors of your home, cars or offices
  • Offers you complete privacy in your vehicles or building
  • Enhance the vehicle appearance
  • Reduces glare by about 90%
  • Scratch resistant so that your glasses remain safe
  • Offers you a very comfortable environment
  • Inexpensively removed or replaced
  • Secure and safe environment inside
  • Almost 85% heat reduction as compared to untreated glasses
  • No maintenance is required with these tints
If you want a quality window tint with no bubbles, no color change, and no swirls, RBR Car Care is the one stop solution.

Contact us today to know more about our services and types & shades of window tints.