Building Glass Film

No matter how it is designed, every building including home, offices, restaurants, hotels, corporate houses, etc suffer from some unwanted sunray penetration. On the one hand, it is important to have some level of natural light exposure; continuous sunrays into the building can cause several damages such as heating up of indoors, damaging interiors with UV rays and causing distracting glare.

Therefore, RBR Car Care bring for you an excellent solution in the form of building glass films. These are sun window films which are designed for installation in the home and commercial buildings. These films are a one-time investment and offer long time energy savings. Those of you, who suffer from the damaging effects of the sun, must seek building glass film solution. We ensure that our products are of high quality and have long term durability.

These films not only provide sun protection but also offer multiple advantages to the people inside such as:

  1. It provides a comfortable environment for the workers inside as it reduces glare on computer screens and minimizes solar hot spots
  2. It saves a lot of energy as it keeps the interiors cool and comfortable
  3. It prevents flying shards of glasses in case of broken panes. In case of violent weather conditions, it prevents flying glass incidents
  4. It hinders the access of thieves within the building through the glasses
  5. It offers you a private and safe environment
  6. It also prevents sun rays' damage to fabrics, furniture, furnishing and the floor of the buildings
  7. The appearance of the building also gets a great makeover

Our professional experts execute this task meticulously to give a pleasant aesthetic appeal to your buildings. Our team will fit the film without disturbing the occupants as the installation does not have any side effects. These films are installed on the interiors of the window. During installation, first the glasses are cleaned and prepared and then with the help of a special mounting solution and cutting blades, the film is affixed.

Note: A film can take from a few days to a month to completely bond with the glass depending upon the weather conditions.

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