Car window glass sun film

Car window tints have become one of the most popular accessories of car windows. Mainly, it serves two purposes i.e. improving the appearance and reducing heat absorption. We, at RBR Car Care, bring you the best and ultimate solution for heat rejection. We use high-quality films which blocks more than 99% of UV rays and about 80% of the infrared heat.

Why you need to install car window glass sun film?

You all know how harmful UV rays for your skin are. RBR Car Care ensures that your rides in your cars are comfortable and protected. We ensure that harmful UV rays which can destroy the interiors of your car and harm your skin are kept completely out. Apart from this, glass window sun film has added advantages such as:

  • Gives you a private environment
  • Interiors remain protected
  • Reduce glare from light sources like Sun, reflection from day or street light glare.
  • Enhance the cosmetic looks of the car
  • Car's mileage is improved as no need to crank on car's AC.
  • Saves you in case of accidents (prevent shattered glass pieces from hitting driver)
  • Cool and comfortable interiors

Know about glass film:

Basically, it is made up of a thin film of polyester. However, certain dyes and metals are added to it depending upon the types of tints required. Based on that, these films are available in various forms such as dyed films, metalized films, hybrid tints, ceramic tint or crystalline tint. At, RBR Car Care, you can get all. We can say that Glass films on cars are a perfect combo of amazing looks, ultimate comfort and best protection.

We offer:

  • 100% perfect car window glass film application
  • Faster process of installation
  • Custom tint designs also available
  • More durability and better protection
  • Best quality material
We have years of experience in installing these films and it helps us in suggesting and delivering you only the BEST for you.

Note: Initial 3-4 days, Car window glass film may look a bit hazy and cloudy, but it will disappear as the water contained in it evaporates.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now & get it installed!