Car Paint Protection Film

Who doesn't want his car to be new forever? Everyone does! However, every new or old vehicle gets damaged when it's on the road. The first and the least damage that occurs in is the peeling off the paint. Many of you must have used several traditional methods of protecting the car's paint such as bras and bug shields, etc. However, you must have never realized that these shields actually damage the color quality of your car.

Then, what's the solution?

Well, RBR Car Care bring for you an amazing car paint protection solution. We are a car care company that offers extensive solutions for improving, protecting and enhancing the interiors and exteriors of your car. We offer high-quality & most durable paint protection films. These are mainly protective urethane films which are designed to protect your paint from the everyday hazards like stone chips, bug splatters, road stones and other minor abrasions.

Application of protection film:

Our highly trained professionals apply this film on your car same as the gloves fit in your hands. Even the most chip-prone surfaces like hoods, mirrors and bumpers get a very clear application of this film. However before application, we remove minor scratches and then polish your car. We also clean all the dirt and debris from your car so that it is not visible from the film. There is no requirement of drilling holes or applying any special fasteners. We ensure that a single piece is used, however even if the joints are required, they are precisely placed close to each other so that joints are hardly visible.

On the one hand, you will barely notice this film on your car, but on the other it is constantly protecting your car from unwanted nicks and scratches.

Why us?

We offer you a 5-year warranty with best-in-class durability on our car paint protection film. Our professionals are highly trained to execute this job with extreme precision and perfection. On removal of the film, there is no residue and peeling of the original paint.

Enjoy the new freshly painted look of your car and clean, wash, or wax your car the same way as you did earlier.

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