Car Wrapping/Bike Wrapping Services

Vehicle wrapping is one of the fastest ways to give a complete makeover to your vehicle without disrupting its original paintwork. For individuals seeking variety in their vehicles' designs, this is the ideal solution.

We, at RBR Car Care, offer you extraordinary car wrapping/bike wrapping service. Whether you want a specific color or want to affix full-scale advertising images on your vehicle, we can do it all. We have a plethora of options including numerous colour accents along with mesmerizing effects such as metallic, matte, aluminum, leather imitation, gloss wraps, etc. Apart from this, we also offer a wide range of color options with some special designs such as brushed steel, 3D Carbon, Chameleon or Chrome.

Our experience and precision in our work sets us apart from others. We always strive to deliver services which are beyond your expectations. We take great care in delivering our work to ensure that there is no damage to your vehicle. Car wrapping/bike wrapping not only gives amazing and stylish outcomes but also serves several benefits such as:

  • Protects from colour degradation due to environmental factors
  • Protects original colour from peeling off due to scratches, everyday scrubs and stone damages.
  • Maintains original showroom shine

Why RBR Car Care?

  • We offer 100% overlapping of the chosen designs and colors with a minimal number of connections
  • We use high-quality PVC material which can be easily removed without any adhesive residues
  • We offer car wrapping/bike wrapping services for various brands such as Volkswagen, Nissan, Audi, Honda, BMW, Tata, Renault, Mahindra, Hero, TVS etc.
  • We only use wrapping foils having long term durability
  • We ensure that disguise is perfect in problematic areas such as offsets, folds, handles, mirrors, etc.

Why wrapping is advantageous over painting?

The major difference between the two is definitely the price. The painting is sort of permanent solution while wrapping is a temporary one. Apart from that wrapping is one of the best ways to do the full-scale advertising on vehicles. One can use a wide range of colors and extensive variation.

Further, if you want to know more about our car wrapping services, feel free to contact us.

Why us?

We offer you a 5-year warranty with best-in-class durability on our car paint protection film. Our professionals are highly trained to execute this job with extreme precision and perfection. On removal of the film, there is no residue and peeling of the original paint.

Enjoy the new freshly painted look of your car and clean, wash, or wax your car the same way as you did earlier.

To know more, feel free to contact us!